At the beginning of November, snowfall predicted good snow conditions. But unfortunately, the scenario of the past two years is reproduced due to an anticyclone over the French mountains.


Is there still snow?

The last heavy snowfall occurred in November. The dry weather has deteriorated the quality of the snow present on the mountains for the last two weeks, especially at low and medium altitude.

La clusaz, from Bisanne Mount


Current snow conditions:

– The Jura, the Vosges and the Massif Central: there is almost no snow on these mountains except on the northern slopes of the highest peaks.

– The Pyrenees: the quality of the snow varies on the mountain massif. The western part of the massif from 1900 meters enjoys good snow conditions.

– The Northern Alps: the warm temperature that has lasted for two weeks has almost dissolved the snowpack that the previous snowfall had managed to constitute.

– The Haute-Tarentaise, the Haute-Maurienne and Eastern Maurienne: these are the only mountain massifs where snow conditions remain good. It is necessary to climb to 2000 or even 2200 meters.


In general, the snow conditions of the French mountain are not adequate, in some places, there is less snow than last year.


Despite, few ski resorts have more than 200 cm of snow on the slopes. This is the case of Saint-Véran (Hautes-Alpes), Val Cenis (Savoie), Molines-en-Queyras (Hautes-Alpes), Abriès en Queyras (Hautes-Alpes), Bonneval-sur-Arc (Savoie) and Valfréjus (Savoie).


Is artificial snow a solution?

Ice canons are effective when temperatures are below -2/-3 degrees Celsius. Due to the current weather conditions, the use of ice canons isn’t very helpful for ski resorts.


Will snow conditions improve?

The snowfall will take place as soon as the anticyclone presently over the French mountains will be gone. Unfortunately, Météo France forecast this event in quite a few time.

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