Pushing the limits, something that skiers in search of thrills and new experiences are familiar with.

The big brands are pushing their limits to offer more and more innovative products, each better than the rest. Finding the balance between comfort and performance is what these brands are trying to achieve. The list of technological know-how needed to satisfy skiers is long.  

Here is an overview of the best products on the slopes today.


The search for comfort 


After heated inner gloves and heated socks, here are heated ski boots! Getting cold feet whilst skiing has become almost inevitable, but the brand Sidas decided to put an end to this ordeal. With a custom shell and heated thermal insoles, Sidas’ heated ski boots can keep your feet warm for 9 consecutive hours.






Trying to reduce the impact of the cold is one of the major concerns of specialist companies. Maintaining the body temperature of the skier is a mission that the brand X –Bionic has set itself. Its range of ultra- technical clothing is widely recognized as the best on the market.



Getting the best camera angle 


Having a unique camera angle is an obsession for the skier. The brand Go Pro, the market leader for extreme-action cameras, offers fans a new version of its popular product. The Go Pro Hero 4, more powerful than the former model allows even more exceptional shooting with an unbeatable image resolution.



 Beyond the product, the huge advantage of the fixable camera is the ability to change shooting modes easily. The accessories available for this kind of product are very varied. You are probably aware of the head or helmet mount, the perch, the chest harness, the shoe fixture, the ski fixture and the wrist fixture. But the one I think stands out is the backpack attachment, which allows you to have a declined viewing angle and better track your movements.

stick stick back











 Also, skiing has not escaped the ” drone ” effect. As it develops as a real technological revolution in how you capture images, the drone has naturally become an indispensable tool for filming in a new and original way.

You can find a video of Eric and Vincent Varlet Dodger made ​​using a drone on the site HTR Team Adrenaline.


 manteau orange

This year, thanks to Parrot, Altigliss has at its disposal one drone that will enable to shoot the event from all angles.

 Finally, a special mention for the ski googles: Oakley Airwave, which in my opinion is the greatest technological feat of skiing in recent years. The famous brand offers an ultra High Tech set of goggles. It allows you, among other things, to measure and display your speed in real time, know your altitude, your GPS location on a piste-map, record distances and gradients, measure the height and length of your jumps, listen to music and connect to your smartphone to view your incoming calls and texts; all in a sleek and aesthetic design.



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