Over the past few years, ski resorts overflow with ideas to introduce new activities to vacationers. Skiing or snowboarding would become almost obsolete.



Snooc: This is a mix between skiing and sledding. In one minute, sealskin skis turn into an elevated sludge. Snooc allows you to discover new sensations on the slopes and improve your level of skiing. It can be rented a day-long at Le Grand-Bornand, Serre Chevalier or Valloire and Saint-François-Longchamp.


– Sled Dogs: thanks to special skates fixed on ski boots, Sled Dogs make it possible to discover a new sensation of gliding on the slopes. This activity makes it possible to have fun either on the slopes but also to make jumps more easily as there are no spatulas for skiing or snowboarding. Les Gets, which is a French ski resort offers to test this new activity, coming from Norway.


Bungee jumping in skiing: This activity combines ski jump, bungee jumping and zip line. Hooked by two elastics at the waist, the skier or snowboarder jumps onto the springboard, rushes the 30 meters and finds himself/ herself in the air for 40 meters. This activity allows a thrill experience but also a safely test of free-style figures. It is practiced exclusively in Tignes.


– Snowga or Taï Ski : For those who prefer to remain zen on the slopes, some ski resorts as Le Grand Tourmalet or Le Grand Bornand offer activities of relaxation on the slopes. These activities destress the anxious skiers and allow them to start the day peacefully. Snowga and Tai Ski also make it possible to prepare the body for the efforts it will make during a day of skiing !


Giant ball : It is possible to go down a ski slope inside a huge inflatable ball at l’Alpe d’Huez and Sauze. This activity allows you to live for few minutes very strong sensations !


You can also ask to the Tourist Office of your ski resort to see if it offers one of these activities or a new experience even more unusual.


Whether if you’re skiing in the air, on the slopes or even in a ball, have fun in the mountains this winter ! Ski you soon !

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