More and more intelligent objects are trying to establish themselves in the sporting world. Today we’re going to show you the latest technologies which have joined the traditional ski and snowboard accessories.

• Ski goggle

The Oakley Airway 1.5 model is perhaps the most sophisticated goggles for modern-day skiers. In fact, there is a little screen integrated inside the goggles which allows the skier to have a piste map, smartphone notifications, as well as their performance: speed, distance covered, altitude, height of jumps as well as, of course, the outside temperature! Connected by Bluetooth to smartphones, all the information is saved on an application. Faithful to its reputation as a high-end model, you will have to spend 649€ for these Oakley goggles.


The second pair of goggles are called RideOn which creates ski competition conditions by displaying virtual ski gates. It plunges the user into a real game on the ski slopes. A real SSX game out of the house! These goggles cost nearly 700€.masqu2

• Skis

Thanks to the Bluetooth transmitter on the ski, the Bluefind device connects the skis to a telephone in order to find them in the powder or when stolen. Ski in serenity!

It’s also the case for Reqski, which is a transmitter-receptor which communicates with beacons situated in the skis so you can find your lost ski with the help of blinking lights and loud beeps. So if your ski comes off off-piste, don’t worry!

• Hat and helmets

French hi-tech brand Archos has invented the first hat with integrated earphones and a microphone for only 30€. For more security on the slopes but with the same functions, there is also the POC Receptor BUG helmet, equipped with a Beats audio system. You should still be vigilant on the slopes, for both your security and that of others!


Finally, Forcite Alpine, a ski helmet which is the most connected helmet on the market today, with an integrated HD camera, Bluetooth speakers and a microphone which acts as a hands-free kit. It also has illuminated beacons in case of fog, as well as a GPS beacon, which can send your location in case of an accident. This helmet, at the top of technology, is also equipped with an altimetre, allowing you to measure the height of executed jumps. With this helmet on your head, you will be a real honing missile!


• Wrist protection

The Garmin Fenix 2 watch is without a doubt one of the best watches for skiing, as it allows us to save the speed, the distance skied, as well as the altitude.

Snowboard bindings

The Xon bindings help complete tricks whilst keeping balance. To this extent, the bindings are equipped with 4 sensors: an accelerometer, a pressure sensor and 2 sensors stuck on the board, which are connected by Bluetooth to an application which registers your weight, speed, turning frequency, the pivot foot and also analyses the centre of gravity. Enough to assess your day and improve your style! The application therefore can advise you on how to optimise your board-sports, with LEDs placed on the bindings. In order to be the king (or queen!) of board sports, you will have to pay around $500.


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