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Members of Altigliss tell their experience within the association!

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Participate in the organization of the GEM Altigliss Challenge is a real experience for me. Working with a cohesive and professional team, while organizing an event of this magnitude is really stimulating. It’s really a challenge to success to make students dream for a week. As treasurer, I have the opportunity to manage a budget of 800,000 euros, controlling spending at best to optimize our resources.

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As responsive for the Mountain Challenge, I am responsible to create the 5 contests of it, such as orienteering race or the Biathlon. I have thus to imagine the contest, make it accessible to all participants, I have to contact providers and supervise the competition on D-Day. It’s an exciting job that forces us to think in detail, and which is directly lined to the heart of the Challenge: competition. We can conceive all, from A to Z, and see the project come to fruition, this is amazing. Relationship with participants in the GEM Altigliss Challenge remains one of my favorite memories.  The organization of the GEM Altigliss Challenge requires a lot of personal commitment, involvement and work but the result is so worth it! This is an extraordinary human experience that I invite you to live with us!

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I am responsible for external relations in France, and my job is to canvass schools and universities throughout France. For that I have to contact students from different ski clubs, BDS, BDE … Once I get a contact point, I come into contact with the university administration, through students, to convince them to come to our event.   My other role is to organize the so-called “Altigliss Tour”. They consist to go around France with a team of 8 to 9 people for 3 weeks to promote our event. We stop in major student cities and organize complete presentations of the GEM Altigliss Challenge in auditoriums of interested schools.   It is a real satisfaction when the teams we have canvassed come to meet us at the end of the challenge to thank us for this amazing week, and congratulate the organization of the event. This is enough to persuade us to continue even after all those hours of hard work.

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As Altigliss responsible for logistics, my role is to ensure the coordination and optimization of all material and human resources during the events of the association. It is therefore all the invisible part of the GEM Altigliss Challenge, which includes the management of transport, housing, food, supplies and security. This is a very professionalizing position essential to the proper functioning of the event and to the satisfaction of the 1000 participants.

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Getting involved in the organization of GEM Altigliss Challenge is really a great opportunity and a great life lesson. Developing a global competition while being a student is a real challenge, and I took a lot of fun doing it.   Seeing teams coming from all around the world to compete sportingly and defend their colors is the culmination of a year of work.   As general secretary, my role is to ensure the internal communication, the flow of information within the association and a good team cohesion. A cohesive and dynamic team is the key to a successful event.

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