Missing snow this summer?

       No need to wait for winter to rock the slopes anymore, try riding the sand dunes! Have you heard about sandskiing/sandsnowboarding? Take your skis or your board, go up the dunes and let yourself go down the sandy slope.

       Sandskiing/sandsnowboarding is still pretty unknown, but its hidden potential is huge and both disciplines are getting big. Apart from the outfit, you don’t need anything else besides your regular equipment. Trade your padded coat and warm pants for lighter clothes. Choose a previously used board or pair of skis rather than a new one because the sand, which is not a soft as snow, affects the bottom of the board. The only downside of it all has to be the lack of chairlifts … Therefore enjoy your very few slopes before climbing back the dunes.


ski sur dune, ski sur sable


       In France, the Pyla dune, which is the highest one in Europe, is the only one offering sandskiing/sandsnowboarding. It offers an unprecedented view of the ocean and the pines. This should give you a taste of the experience:


[video_embed video=”Yz7XokPpjeQ” width=”700″ height=”400″]


       But thrill seekers also like the highest dunes of the world in Peru, Namibia, Colorado or the dunes of the Sarahan desert. Awesome right? But unfortunately, sandskiing or sandsnowboarding can be done everywhere. In Sossuvlei, in the Namibian dunes, riders are required to have a permit to ride the exotic sandy slopes.




ski sans neige, ski d'été

        The sandskiing world speed record was registered in 2010 by Henrik May, a German rider who rode down the Namibian dune at a speed of 92,12 km/h (57.2 mph). The speed record on snow is however far better: the world record is held by Simone Origone, who reached a speed of 252,632 km/h (156,9 mph).


record vitesse, ski sur sable


   To convince you to try sandskiing or sandsnowboarding, here’s a video which was recorded in Peru this year:

          [video_embed video=”zjDCx0Ceg_g” width=”700″ height=”400″]


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