The good reasons to go to the mountains this summer

– If you’re a big fan of skiing, you can ski on the glaciers of the Alps. Put on a t-shirt and your skis, bingo you’re ready! There are almost 40 km of slopes which are opened throughout the summer including the glacier of les 2 Alpes, the glacier of the Grande Motte (Tignes), the glacier of Pissaillas (Val d’Isère) and the Pic Blanc in l’Alpe d’Huez. So yes ! It is possible to ski 365 days a year. You can enjoy yourself by skiing and snowboarding from 7:30AM to 1PM during the summer.


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– No human tide! If you don’t want to spend your days livin on a few square meters of sand shared by many people, choose the mountain! The mountain becomes a playground without any limits.


– A mountain of activities are waiting for you: If you want to be up in the clouds you can try paragliding, zip-lining, bungee jumping or base jumping. Rather on the ground, you can choose between mountain biking, hiking, climbing, golf, horse riding, tennis … To dip into the water, YES but only if you’re doing an activity, you can swim in rivers or lakes, rafting, canyoning or kayaking … To sum up, lively holidays!

And if you want some pampering, do not forget the spas and thermal baths!




– No need to go to abroad to find warm, turquoise water, Lake Bourget’s sand beaches will delight you with 24 degrees on the thermometer.


– Eat well; the mountains are an excellent choice for a gourmet holiday. Whether you’re a lover of cheese, meat, vegetables or berries, the many culinary plates found there will satisfy everyone.


– To learn more about discrete species such as marmots and ibex.


Montagne été


– To be in good health; fresh air while enjoying the summer sun. Ideal temperature: neither too hot nor too cold! Besides you can count on the purity of the mountain air…


And last but not least : for not doing the same thing as others !

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