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Audrey Peltier, Sports Club Val d’Isere

“Thanks to the collaboration between the Altigliss association and the ski resort of Val d’Isere, we work together to become the student ski and snowboard world cup. “

Val d’Isère

The GEM Altigliss Challenge takes place for a week in one of the most famous ski resort in Europe. Val d’Isère is considered like one of the capital of ski through the world. Every year, ski and snowboard contests take place on the ski runs of the famous station.

The ties between the GEM Altigliss challenge and val d’Isère become tighter years after years. Altigliss members are often on the station, especially for the “Criterium de la première neige”, first step of the ski world cup where altigliss’s members are there.

We round a common objective, to make the GEM altigliss challenge the student ski world cup. Thanks to the well-known “club des sports”, the different contests take place with conditions, which are barely the same as the professional


Club des Sports de Val d’Isère

The Club des sport of Val d’Isère is multi-sport association initially turned to the Alpine skiing.

The Club des Sports de Val d’Isère is a multisport association, initially shot to the Alpine skiing. It is the most awarded Club in the world,  thanks to 4 champions of exception who are: Henri OREILLER, Christine and Marielle GOITSCHEL and Jean-Claude KILLY. They alone won 20 Olympics and World championships golden medals. Mathieu BOZZETTO also is the winner of 5 crystal globes in Alpine Snowboard, making him the snowboarder the most titled to the world!

For the GEM Altigliss Challenge, all the competitions take place with the support of the Club of the Sports of Val d’Isère. The Club accompanies Altigliss in the organization upstream and during the competitions. After every day the participants of the challenge ski and of the challenge mountain have produce


Audrey Peltier, Sports Club Val d’Isere

“The Sports Club supports this important event, which has become a major in event our calendar. “


Loïck Roche, Director of Grenoble Ecole de Management

“The relationship between Altigliss and GEM is maintained over time. 25 years of experience together has made the GEM Altigliss challenge one of the biggest European student events.”

Grenoble Ecole de Management

Its strong sens of identity permits Grenoble school of Management (GEM) to bring every day its experience to the association Altigliss. Aware of the potential of the GEM Altigliss Challenge for the fame of the school, the direction of GEM decided to officialize and to formalize its support for Altigliss and for the event.

By initialing the name of the event, GEM places the GEM Altigliss Challenge at the heart of its strategy in the same way as the management of the technology and the innovation, the geopolitics or the differentiated pedagogy.

Concretely, collaborators of GEM as Annelaure Oudinot, Communications Director of GEM, and Martin Zahner, person in charge of the Foreign Affairs of GEM, work in close collaboration with the members of Altigliss.


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