The team “On n’est pas que des collants” thought of you and will show you a physical preparation so as to be able to prepare physically and be able to compete at your very best!


1) The ‘chair’, followed by vertical jumps :



Go into a chair position, thighs at 90°, heels flat against the ground, looking forward and the back nice and flat for 8 seconds. Follow this with 5 vertical jumps.

2) Forward lunges 



Do 20 forward lunges, with a 1 second pause between each other. The forward knee should stay behind the foot

3) Squats 


Préparation Challenge Montagne - Altigliss - Coupe du Monde de ski étudiant


                20 squats whilst looking forward, hands in front and heels flat against the floor.


4) The ice-skater jump 

Altigliss - Challenge Montagne - Coupe du Monde de ski étudiant

                        10 jumps each side. Make sure you land balanced and have a little break between each jump.


5) Muscle and back strength

30-second plank: keep the back flat, contract the buttocks as well as the abdos.

30-second dorsal foot exercises: with opposite hands. Tighten your arms and the suspended leg as much as possible and descend gently.

This circuit should be done 3-5 times according to your level, with a 30 second break between each exercise and 3 minutes between each circuit.

After this you will be in the best condition to try out the challenge and increase your chances of doing the best you can!

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