Disabled sports

Make the participants sensitive to the possibility to do board sports by various ways

Altigliss souhaite faire de son événement plus qu’une rencontre étudiante : l’association s’attache à promouvoir des sujets qui lui tiennent à cœur tel que le handisport. Son objectif est de sensibiliser les participants à l’accessibilité des sports de glisse pour tous par différents moyens.

The disabled sports day

During the GEM Altigliss day, one association is present on the village in order to make the students sensitive to the handisport around a stand. For the fifteen edition, monitors from the handisport Savoie Committee have moved with their equipment and have organized wheelchair handiski raids for a hundred participants.

The disabled sports trophy

It’s a competition open to all participants which put you in situation of disability. This year, students skied down the cross country ski trail by two : one blindfolded and the other telling where he had to go. They could realize the feelings of blind skiing and the reality of the disability.


The sponsors

Otherwise, the GEM Altigliss Challenge is sponsored each year by a professional skier, like for instance Yohann Tablet, olympic champion and disabled sports sponsor of the XVth edition.


National representation of the active student community in the disability field, the Fédération Étudiante pour une Dynamique Études et Emploi avec un Handicap (Student Federation for Education and Employment Dynamics with Handicap) supports a national rollout of a social network of disabled young people and a network of student associations dedicated to disability. With the help of members of its Technical Council (specialized structures, higher education institutions and experts),  the association mobilizes and supports its volunteer students in the action set-up for the success of young disabled people: tutoring high school students, sponsorship to employment, socialization, opinion campaign, consultation and meeting with employers.

The FÉDÉEH reveals its empowerment culture through animation of its support network based on peer support between young disabled people and their active participation in its governance.

2015 goals

The association want to open the competition to the disabled people, just like the other participants. Thus, the event will be really accessible to all.

Please note that Altigliss will welcome disabled teams for the next edition !