[fancy_heading h1=”0″ style=”line” title=”Challenge Village” slogan=”GEM ALTIGLISS CHALLENGE – 17 – 24 MARCH 2018 IN VAL D’ISÈRE – THE STUDENT SKI WORLD CUP”]The fun competition of the GEM Altigliss Challenge

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Get to know a bit more of the fun competition of the GEM Altigliss Challenge

The village challenge is the joyful challenge where fun, amusement and of course … craziness all meet up together!! Fifteen teams of five participants each challenge each other in different trials all more wild and crazy like archery tag, the snake gliss, … and many others.

[promo_box border=”0″ image=”3148″ title=”Archery Tag”]Do you want to be Robin Hood ? This challenge is for you ! Each team got bows and arrows and compete to win the game. You can aim the target or your opponent but accuracy and speed will be the key words.[/promo_box]
[promo_box border=”0″ image=”2161″ title=”Event2fly” btn_text=”Their website” btn_link=”http://www.event2fly.com/”]Which team will impress more the jury with this air challenge? Your goal: make the best aerial tricks in a jump on an airbag.
[promo_box border=”0″ title=”Bubble Football” image=”3206″]Have you ever dreamed to play football in a big Bubble in order to gain superpower and project your opponents on the other side of the field? Dare to play our Bubble Football and make your dreams come true! Organized like a World Cup, come to face up tenacious opponent teams and show them who are the strongest of the challenge!
[promo_box position=”right” border=”0″ image=”3205″ title=”SnakeGlis”]Get settled with your team on your sledges ready to rush down the slopes of Val D’Isère. Sharp turns, high speed and 180° accidents define this risky trial.

[promo_box position=”right” border=”0″ title=”Mate Curling” image=”3207″]This new competition requires precision, agility and a pinch of ambitions. Indeed, with your ice skates tightened up, you (Practice your broom skills, it’s going to be intense!)[/promo_box]
2016 results

Village challenge winner's 2016

Village Challenge’s presentation video

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Winners’ schools of the Village Challenge

[our_team_list image=”1711″ title=”2014 Winners” subtitle=”Kedge Bordeaux – Power Kedgers” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/equipe.kedge”]

Power Kedgers knew how to defend their colors during this XVth edition and set the Village on fire during the all week

[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”1706″ title=”2013 Winners” subtitle=”EM Strasbourg – Tor’em Ninja” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/AltiglissEmStrasbourg”]

In their green suits duritn the all week, those turtles came from Strasbourg set Val d’Isère on fire


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[our_team style=”circle” title=”Tancred De Laage” subtitle=”Responsible for the Village Challenge” phone=”+33 6 48 27 91 50″ email=”tancred.de-laage-de-meux@grenoble-em.com” image=”3153″][/our_team]
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