[fancy_heading h1=”0″ style=”line” title=”Ski Challenge” slogan=”GEM Altigliss Challenge – 17-24 MARCH 2018 IN VAL D’ISERE – THE STUDENT SKI WORLD CUP”]The Queen of the Week Competition


« The Queen of the Week Competition »

That’s the major competition of the GEM Altigliss Challenge. In partnership with the Club des Sports of Val d’Isère, we offer you to compete with the best international student skier ever in the same condition as the Ski World Cup.

[promo_box border=”1″ image=”3213″ title=”Giant Slalom”]It’s traditionally the trial of opening of the Challenge Ski. The goal is to slalom between gates on a sinuous track as fast as possible. To gain the first trial of the Challenge Ski, you will need to technique and dexterity.
[promo_box border=”1″ image=”3214″ title=”Boarder Cross”]4 teams make a start to be in confrontation slide by slide on a course sowed with obstacles. The candidates will have to fight for force yourself and win this trial which looks physical and full of developments.
[promo_box border=”1″ image=”3216″ title=”Final : Parallel Slalom”]This last compétition is the event which encloses the Challenge Ski. Eight better teams will compete during during a final phase in relay. The teams will have the pleasure to dash on the track to try to offer the victory of their team.

[promo_box position=”right” border=”0″ image=”3212″ title=”Special Slalom”]Competitors will tumble down again a track strewed with pickets. Unlike the Giant Slalom, the course is shorter and gates are tighter. Suppleness and fighting spirit will be key word to win the compétition.
[promo_box position=”right” border=”0″ image=”3215″ title=”Big Air”] This trial promises to be spectacular ! The participants will dash one by one on a ski jump to execute a freestyle jump which will have to seduce and impress the jury. This trial is generally the one where the gaps get dug.


Video presentation of the Ski Challenge


Download 2016's regulations


Download 2016's edition results

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They won the ski challenge

[our_team_list image=”3275″ title=”Winners 2017″ subtitle=”INSEEC Alpes Savoie “]INSEEC won the ski challenge for the 4th time ! Congratulations ! INSEEC, you are unstoppable.[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”2345″ title=”Winners 2016″ subtitle=”INSEEC Alpes Savoie ” blockquote=”Thanks to Altigliss and to the Club of the Sports of Val d’Isère for this very professional competition.”] INSEEC has gained brillament the competition in 2016 ! [/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”1789″ title=”Winners 2015″ subtitle=”INSEEC Alpes Savoie” blockquote=”We were really happy to participate again to GEM income Altigliss Challenge! It is a real pleasure to finish this beautiful week 1st after all our efforts !”]Congratulations to INSEEC Alpes Savoie that wins the Ski Challenge for the second year running ! They win the week in Lapland!

[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”635″ title=”Winners 2014″ subtitle=”INSEEC Alpes Savoie” blockquote=”Have won the challenge represents only the icing on the cake for us after a very intense week!”]

Congratulations to INSEEC Alpes Savoie which showed professionalism to gain this XVth edition while remaining a funny and fairplay team.


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