GEM Altigliss Challenge - 18 - 25 MARCH 2017 in Val d'Isère - THE STUDENT SKI WORLD CUP

Mountain Challenge

Sports and adventure competition of GEM Altigliss Challenge


Discover the sports and adventure competition of the GEM Altigliss Challenge

A young and innovative Challenge that proposes sensational sportive activities at the heart of the mountain in Val d’Isère’s wonderful ski resort. Discover a new aspect of winter sports imagined exclusively for you and take up a new challenge everyday with your team: thrills and sport guaranteed!



Showpiece event of this challenge that takes place on Val d’Isère’s official circuit. Endurance and self-control will be required.


ABC race

Reach each A, B and C points spread on the whole ski resort. You can use any means to reach your goal, it is time to be creative!


Snowshoe’s Race

Challenge the other teams in a snowshoe race! It’s one of the hardest contest of the Mountain challenge! Be ready physically, only the strongest will win!


Orientation race

Explore the ski resort of Val d’Isère (Killy Space) during this trial. Speed and thought will be required.


Ski Touring

This is the newest race of the “Mountain Challenge”. You will have the opportunity to test sealskin on your skis and try a totally new way of exploring mountains!

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Winners’ schools of the Mountain Challenge

2015 winners

Centrale Paris

Centrale Paris won the Mountain Challenge of the XVIth edition. Congratulation to them, they fought well!

We are very proud of our ourselves! We had a lot of fun, and we managed to stay focused on the same time. Competition was fierce!

2014 winners

University of Innsbruck

Innsbruck considerably won the competition in 2014 with 4 victories upon 5 trials establishing a new record with 1594 points.

We have challenged our own limits trough this incredible experience. In the same time we have created unforgettable memories.

2016 winners

Kedge Bordeaux

This year, Kedge Bordeaux win the mountain challenge with success !
Advice ? Be prepared, enjoy your week but stay focus on the competition.

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Louis-Marie Aubry

Responsible for the Mountain Challenge

+33 6 35 55 97 33