[fancy_heading h1=”0″ style=”line” title=”Mountain Challenge” slogan=”GEM Altigliss Challenge – 17-24 MARCH 2018 in Val d’Isère – THE STUDENT SKI WORLD CUP”]Sports and adventure competition of GEM Altigliss Challenge


Discover the sports and adventure competition of the GEM Altigliss Challenge

A young and innovative Challenge that proposes sensational sportive activities at the heart of the mountain in Val d’Isère’s wonderful ski resort. Discover a new aspect of winter sports imagined exclusively for you and take up a new challenge everyday with your team: thrills and sport guaranteed!

[promo_box border=”0″ image=”799″ title=”Biathlon”]

Showpiece event of this challenge that takes place on Val d’Isère’s official circuit. Endurance and self-control will be required.

[promo_box border=”1″ image=”3138″ title=”AVD research”]How do you manage an avalanche accident ? This question can be answered thanks to this stage. The fastest team who will find the victims win. Calm and speed are the key words.[/promo_box]
[promo_box border=”0″ image=”2330″ title=”Snowshoe’s Race”]

Challenge the other teams in a snowshoe race! It’s one of the hardest contest of the Mountain challenge! Be ready physically, only the strongest will win!

[promo_box position=”right” border=”0″ image=”801″ title=”Orientation race”]

Explore the ski resort of Val d’Isère (Killy Space) during this trial. Speed and thought will be required.

[promo_box position=”right” border=”0″ title=”Ski Touring” image=”2331″]

This is the newest race of the “Mountain Challenge”. You will have the opportunity to test sealskin on your skis and try a totally new way of exploring mountains!


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Winners’ schools of the Mountain Challenge

[our_team_list image=”1837″ title=”2015 winners” subtitle=”Centrale Paris” blockquote=”We are very proud of our ourselves! We had a lot of fun, and we managed to stay focused on the same time. Competition was fierce!”]

Centrale Paris won the Mountain Challenge of the XVIth edition. Congratulation to them, they fought well!

[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”357″ title=”2014 winners” subtitle=”University of Innsbruck” blockquote=”We have challenged our own limits trough this incredible experience. In the same time we have created unforgettable memories.”]

Innsbruck considerably won the competition in 2014 with 4 victories upon 5 trials establishing a new record with 1594 points.

[/our_team_list][our_team_list image=”2709″ title=”2016 winners” subtitle=”Kedge Bordeaux” blockquote=”Advice ? Be prepared, enjoy your week but stay focus on the competition.”]This year, Kedge Bordeaux win the mountain challenge with success ! [/our_team_list]

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