Green, clean ski resorts

You get up in the morning and the first thing you do is run to the window and marvel at the beauty of the mountains in front of you. Crystal white snow, mountains, green pine trees and wooden chalets… To the mind’s eye this is a far-away place from the concrete jungle of today’s cities. […]

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Missing snow this summer?        No need to wait for winter to rock the slopes anymore, try riding the sand dunes! Have you heard about sandskiing/sandsnowboarding? Take your skis or your board, go up the dunes and let yourself go down the sandy slope.        Sandskiing/sandsnowboarding is still pretty unknown, but […]

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Green skiing: protect the mountain

    The skiing industry, like many others, is seeing a growing concern for the environment. Unfortunately, skiing has an inevitable impact on the environment. From the destruction of forests to make way for pistes, to the many kilowatts of energy consumed in running a ski resort; skiing and being green simply do not go […]

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