Will we be able to ski this season?

At the beginning of November, snowfall predicted good snow conditions. But unfortunately, the scenario of the past two years is reproduced due to an anticyclone over the French mountains.   Is there still snow? The last heavy snowfall occurred in November. The dry weather has deteriorated the quality of the snow present on the mountains […]

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The Critérium de la Première neige

   On 10th-11st December, Altigliss association went to Val d’Isère to participate at the Critérium de la première neige.   Presentation The Critérium de la première neige has been held every year in Val d’Isère since 1955. This event, organized by le Club des Sports de Val d’Isère, takes place during two weekends: one is […]

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Green, clean ski resorts

You get up in the morning and the first thing you do is run to the window and marvel at the beauty of the mountains in front of you. Crystal white snow, mountains, green pine trees and wooden chalets… To the mind’s eye this is a far-away place from the concrete jungle of today’s cities. […]

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5 things to do in a ski resort, without skiing

Winter’s approaching and everyone’s talking about their next trip to the slopes. You want to discover this wintery wonderland, but you’re not sure whether you’ll like skiing or not… Is it really worth your time and effort? Fear not, ski resorts aren’t just about skiing, here we’re going to show you how to make the […]

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The best winter sports resorts in the world
Meilleures stations de ski

 For the next winter holidays, you are looking to go to the mountains to indulge yourself in winter sports: cross-country skiing, snowboarding, glacier walking, snow tubing etc. However, one question keeps on nagging you: where should you go? France, Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Iceland etc. The choice is enormous and it’s not easy to find […]

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Skiing, but at what price?

How to get around expensive ski passes? After having invested in all the necessary ski equipment, you think you are ready to ski; only unfortunately there are still some a few more necessary expenses before you can put on your skis and hit the slopes. A recent survey, by the information portal Snowplaza, shows that […]

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