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If, like me, you find yourself staring to the mountains waiting for the snow, then this new film will wet your taste buds for the season to come.

The result of a collaboration between Sweetgrass productions and the electrics company Philips, Afterglow sets the bar high for ski/board cinematography this season.

The film was shot entirely at night, in the stunning location of the Alaskan and British Colombian backcountry, the mecca for powder seekers.


Large floodlights were airlifted in to illuminate ski runs as long as 750m. Both drones and on-the-ground cameras were used to film the skiers, who wore specially designed LED-studded clothing. The result is a beautiful and awe inspiring sequence.

This film’s uniqueness comes not only from the technical logistics, but also its ability to capture the movement and flow of the skiers. With the distractions of the surrounding scenery removed, you are able to focus on how the skiers at times quite literally float down the powder.



And, of course, there are also some pretty impressive lines, effortless backcountry freestyle and a suitably moody soundtrack “ My Silver lining,” by First Aid Kit.

Although Afterglow is perhaps the most viral film of the moment there are many around, of which a few are listed below:

  • Epic TV has a huge selection of extreme sports films
  • com has a wide selection of ski/board footage
  • Matchstick productions also have a new film out, called “ Days of our youth,” available to order here:


Georgina Craig   International Press and Media

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