Never been to the mountains in the summer? Here’s 10 fun things you can do!


1- Hiking

C’est l’activité reine des activités à pratiquerà la montagne. Pendant une ascension en pleine nature, tu seras sans doute frappé par les magnifiques décors, la diversité de  la faune et de la flore mais surtout par le calme environnant.

2- Rock climbing and via-ferrata

There is no better place to do some rock climbing than in the mountains.  The goal is to reach a summit or an endpoint of a predefined route without falling. Due to the length and extended endurance required and because accidents are likely to happen, better come prepared and have good equipment. Also, a guide is preferred!

3- Mountain biking

Many resorts offer itinerary routes for those who love biking in the mountains. Beginners or experimented welcomed!


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4- Swimming

Now wait a second, we are not talking about swimming on the water by the ever-crowded beaches of the resorts. There are many lakes in the mountains. Granted, they are quite cold in the winter, but the temperature is very swimm-able in the summer. Goodbye crowded beaches in the south of France, hello peace and tranquility!

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5- Night hiking

Hiking is also great at night. Night hikers enjoy seeing the sunrise once at the top of the mountain. The only things you need are a little courage to overcome the dark and a headlamp to help you!

6- Try the local food

The mountains are well known for its delicious specialties: cheese, liquor and wine. Enough for a food coma after a good day of hiking!

7- Star watching

Watching the stars in the city is not the best idea… But in the mountains, far from the bright city lights, then it’s a great idea! What’s better than laying on the ground and enjoy the beauty of the sky far from the pollution and the noise?





8- Camping

You’ve got to spend a night in the tent once in a lifetime!

9- Go to the thermal baths

After a day out in the mountains, many resorts offer thermal baths to relax.

10- Extreme water sports

Canyoning, rafting, hydrospeed, kayaking, .. Many activities for the thrill-seekers!



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