Come and represent your university at the GEM Altigliss Challenge and participate to the student ski world cup in Val d’Isère’s mythic ski resort with more than 1000 other students. A week of competition but also many parties, celebrations, concerts and a professional freestyle show contest, the Ride Her First, with the best French riders.

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Ski, Mountain and village Challenges. Be part of the student ski world cup’s competitions

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Discover your program for the week : celebrations, concerts, activities, parties, etc.

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Ski and snowboard pro contest freestyle organized by Altigliss at Val d’Isère with the best French and European riders

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Discover Altigliss’ commitment for disabled sports and sustainable development through our awareness ’actions

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Discover the GEM Altigliss Challenge through our daily TV show : Altigliss Inside

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Register your team to represent your school for the XIXe edition

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Meet the GEM Altigliss Challenge’s partners and all the information required to become partner of our event

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If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact one of the association’s members

[quick_fact number=”1000″ title=”Students”]We welcome more than 1000 students for this week in Val d’Isère
[quick_fact number=”30″ title=”Nationalities”]An authentic student world cup
[quick_fact number=”66″ title=”Teams”]Many teams face each other in order to win the different competitions : ski, mountain and village
[quick_fact number=”7″ title=”Days”]7 days in Val d’Isère for seven days of competition and celebrations
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Discover the three challenges’ competitions


The showpiece event with 5 trials that are very close to the real world cup : special slalom, Giant, Parallel and Boarder Cross

Sports and adventure competition : become the ski resort’s king through the mountain challenge’s trials : orientation race, biathlon, AVD research, etc

The playful competition. Liven things up on the village with your disguised team; win the village trials: Event2Fly, snake gliss, archery tag, etc.

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